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Best Technology Online Courses & Certificates 2020

Best Business Online Courses & Certificates 2020

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Online training courses become more and more popular for several reasons.

First, compared with traditional onsite instruction, online education is more convenient. Students can take the class at home, and save time on the trip to and from the classroom.

Second, students can watch instruction video again and again. So even if they don’t understand it the first time, they still have plenty of opportunities to thoroughly comprehend the content.

Third, because online teachers can be located anywhere around the world, students can access a far larger pool of quality teachers.

Finally, online course is often less expensive than traditional onsite education.

There are two types of online courses.

The first one is on demand online courses. The video of instruction is prerecorded, and students can watch the video whenever they like. It’s often less expensive than the other option.

The second type is instructor-led online courses. Students take the class with other fellow learners at a specific time, and the instructor teaches the content online and interacts with the students during the class. This format is more similar to traditional onsite education. It’s often more expensive than the on-demand course, but some students prefer the method because they think the interaction with the instructor and classmates are helpful to complete the learning goal.